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Worth Noting:
To 2015, we say.........
LP joined Scribd, the online digital library, featuring a subscription service for premier books, including New York Times bestsellers and classics. Its website has more than 80-million active readers visiting the site every month. The service targets iOS and Android smartphones and tablets.

For reviews and details go to:





They welcome our authors!


Author Gabriel Garcia Marquez (1927-2014) left us last year, but the memory of how he turned love into words and took us to magical places will remain forever. We thank him for his words.


As of 2014, LP welcomes everyone to our business!  LP assures all potential clients, all authors, and clients that we do not discriminate. For a complete list of many other businesses go to our: Announcements Page


In 2014, LP no longer continued its Jewel Case edition for its fictions. Some titles will continue to be available as downloads. For details, check each title for availability. After 4/1/2014, the fiction titles will only be listed with its distributor and the list of retail e-bookstores on the Our Retailers Page.


In 2013, LP titles were also being distributed in India's e-commerce company Flipkart, which in a year estimates revenue at $.81B (on-line).

In 2013, LP was recognized as Publisher of the Month by Arizona Author's Association.


In 2013, LP announced its first international title. Go to Out of Africa (an above Page) for details. Read about the Nigeria of today, as seen through the eyes of a citizen.


In 2013, LP joined 81 businesses at the 3rd Annual Small Business Summit, sponsored by the City of Goodyear and Southwest Valley Chamber of Commerce.

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 In 2013, LP approved plans for a solar energy for its offices. The effort will reduce operational costs, as well as reduce pollution.


In 2013, A.J.Osorio's 12th title published: Spain's Royal Corps of Engineers-Volume 1 (5th in the Military History Series).

Click the image for the distributor's ordering details.


In 2013, LP established an account with Skype ™. For details, go to our Contact Page. The use of this free, Internet tool should help with our overseas authors. Click the logo for how to join and use Skype, free.


LP does closes during the Arizona  for vacation! See Submission page for dates.

Llanos Publishing, as an Arizona small business supports the efforts of our brave firefighters in Northern Arizona. Yarnell-Prescott are less than 2-hours from our office. Please support the official groups.

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In 2013.Llanos Publishing announced another option for its published authors: Marketing strategies.

For authors interested in transferring their e-book to a print format, they can do it now.  For details, go to The Printshop Page of the above toolbar.

2013 release:


January 9...first title of the year, just released: The Four Horsemen by J.H. Rowan.This is a timely action novel of NYPD and its challenge of terrorism. Written by a veteran of NYPD. Click the above image to get this e-book.


In 2013, LP made claim to format an e-book, in 1-hour to the Internet! Details? Email us!

Click this logo and learn who they are.

Now has access to PW. The publication, established in 1872 focuses on bookselling, marketing, merchandising and trade news, along with author interviews and regular columns on rights, people in publishing, and bestsellers.

  Best of the Past...  

Return to Torrey Pines
Released on 70th Anniversary of the loss of first American aircraft carrier USS Langley. The e-book is only available through Llanos Publishing's distributor(s).

Click the book cover for how to order.

This is the 4th in the Journalist of the Magdalena Series. An historical fiction of the 1930s.

Llanos Publishing  first fiction Combo e-book set: The Journalist of the Magdalena Series in a 4-volume offer. Click Combo Book Set-2 (above Navigation Bar)

Llanos Publishing first memoir:

So This Is Grace, by Donna M. Anderson. Classic family story, filled with Americana, the 1920-30s. Wonderful read!

Click Memoirs (above Navigation Bar) for descriptions. Illustrated. Available through major e-book publishers and Smashwords.com. Click illustration below.

Llanos Publishing's periodic adertisement campaigns on made in Maricopa County, AZ. Source: Estrella Publications, Inc., Publications reach over 70,000 residents.

Audio Books: Conversion of an e-book to an audiobook. Go to Audio Page (above Navigation Bar) or Click image below:

               Raven Audio Books


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Llanos Publishing
 an independent publisher of e-books

Without forgetting the past, when a number of its writers published limited works of history and small articles, Llanos Publishing in the 21st Century extended into digital formats which include fictions. 

             In Our Favor...

We are small & care!

          Yes, we do...

Try Us...we hand-tend every project like it was our 1st!!! 

We do less than 6 projects a year!

Not an imprint of a mega publishing house!  Where you are dehumanized!

Respect serious new authors! We know  time and the publishing of a manuscript is paramount!

Reply to author query!     All email letters get a personal note within a week! *

Lowest price! Find something less...
go for it!

Simple terms!  You hold your rights! 

          We help authors take their
                      dream to its end! 




 Piranha hunt the tributaries of the Llanos during the rainy season in search of flesh

 Our History:

 We were off the Internet radar for many years.

 However, realizing the potential for digital reading, we left paper.

 Our roots go back to...

paper publications as early as 1978 


New York City publishing (1986-1996) experience
Years in editing and review (1999-2007)
Certified and university trained staff (e.g. B.S., M.A., LLC)
History of published authors

Experienced in media (PBS, TV, cinema)

In 2010, we added a business restructuring adviser, Luann F. Bridges.

2006: Llanos Publishing founded

Since 2007: e-book Publish original works of new authors

At Llanos Publishing, we believe it is sad that a new author’s self-published book should cost $29.95 (hard-cover) and $14.95 (paperback)... Sometimes TWICE these prices!

We know that avid readers buy a celebrity author’s bestseller book at the local price club for about half the list prices—often as low as: $8.69/!!

How much are you willing to spend on a book?

We know readers rarely buy books written by unknown authors at $29.95.

We know that without author's name recognition or a fan base, sticker-shock bar code prices, kill sales and new author's dreams.

For the unrecognized author we ask:

Why not sell your book as an e-book?


E-mail us and learn how to reach your goal...

Free evaluations are made all the time.

Member of...

Independent Book Publishers of America


Wish to purchase & receive your e-book TODAY?

Llanos Publishing has an arrangement with Smashwords Inc, Los Gatos, California. They are our authorized Internet publisher and worldwide distributor.

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You can purchase our titles for a fraction of our list price.  Most of our titles are sold at Smashwords for as low as $.99!

Purchases made through Smashwords are not of the CD-e-Book type Llanos Publishing may sell on its website.

With the WiFi feature of your tablet, reader, netbook or laptop, you can buy most of our e-books through Smashwords for less & a lot faster than we can send them to you.

Check Smashwords for our titles, then...

Please follow all the directions of Smashwords.

And, yes, they accept all major credit cards!

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Want to 1st see a sample of an e-Book?


Smashwords has samples of most of our titles. They are free to read!

Visit their website and see how to get FREE e-book samples before you buy.

              Click the Smashwords logo (above).


What Llanos Publishing does:

We direct you to where you can have your manuscript formatted to one of many digital readers, including the Sony Reader, Kindle, iPad, and Nook FREE!

We give FREE website postings and will direct you to where to get your accepted title e-book published!

We market on-line, at a modest metric growth rate, at a time when all major bookstore sellers are scrambling in an effort to keep their brick and mortar outlets open.

We simplify the ISBN process, and can direct you to where to get an ISBN for an accepted title FREE! 

We supply color printed discs and attractive jewel cases for your library, book signing, book fair or gift list (see details on above Navigation toolbar: Promoting e-book sales).

We can provide a color cover for your finished work listed in our library, FREE.


For all accepted work, Llanos Publishing will post online, an Author’s biography on several websites --FREE! 

New Authors hold a full page--FREE!. 

As new Authors arrive, past Authors will be assigned a place for their books and bio--FREE!.

Llanos Publishing can produce an e-book unit, with printed cases and labels, which have security encrypted codes so an Author’s work cannot be edited or printed. 

When Authors agree to market e-books  off the Llanos-Publishing.com network, they may do so at any reasonable price (authors set their price!), and Llanos Publishing receives $0.00 from those sales! 

Llanos Publishing will not waste your time.  If a work is accepted, it will produce an e-book unit in weeks, not years unlike many publishing houses who produce printed units.

Llanos Publishing can get your e-book listed on major e-book websites in 45-days!

If you can find anyone who can produce your e-book who offers more, use them! 


Follow us for the latest news on e-books and how things have changed at Llanos Publishing, LLC

Once knowledge was held on the pages of pulp and kept by a few. That gave these few power.

Too much power!

After Six Hundred Years of Paper Power...

We are unlocking books for the whole world to read.

Now, books are available for every reader.

OUR 9TH YEAR! 2015

Our brand is simple: we publish your accepted manuscript as an e-book, FREE!

No upfront costs. You keep your copyrights. You may leave us anytime.

If you have a completed manuscript, had it edited, designed your own cover, have copyrights to your images, use original material, and do not have a TOC, we will format your work to major e-book reader standards.

We can distribute your title to the worldwide Internet in less than an hour, and then on to major e-book publishers within 30 days, FREE.
There are no hidden fees. You hold all your copyrights.

We are almost like a fast-food drive thru! Quick, well done, and you will surely return for more.

Join the many authors who have published with us, free! How? Go to our Submission Page for details. Email us with any questions. Send us required samples of your manuscript today!

We’ve published (17) titles, from almost a half-dozen authors (our own and others) the last three years, created dozens of e-book covers, copy-edited dozens of writers, and most were done at the lowest price in the industry.

Why spend $300, $1000 or even $6000 to another self-publisher, when Llanos Publishing, LLC can match, do it better, and quicker than any other!

Email us today. We will be glad to accept inquiries from serious authors with completed manuscripts, all ready to be read by hundreds around the world.

This promise is for the limited time of January 1 to August 31, 2014.

Want to publish your completed  manuscript,  FREE?

Quick path to the biggest e-book retailers in less than 24-hours

Our discounts & coupons make quick publishing economical & simple.

Read our Submissions Page for how all this is possible.

                 e-mail us at:


Thousands of e-book publishers which one to pick?

Llanos Publishing has been doing e-book publishing for almost a decade. Scroll down the page and see that we have been part of many writing, publishing and business groups for years. We just did not start last year. We know the process and we are professional. We publish to please! We publish FAST!

Searching for an e-book?

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No obligation search of titles
on this web site...

El Regimiento de la  Luisiana

          non-fiction  military history
The Journalist of the Magdalena

           1st in the Journalist Series

The Emeralds of Santa Cristina

           2nd in the Journalist Series

Wings Over the Amazon

         3rd in the Journalist Series

The Eagles of the Sierra Madre

World War II war romance inspired by actual events of the 201st Fighter Squadron


Interested in having your manuscript turned into an e-book, FREE...

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Need a website?

Llanos Publishing, LLC Offers...

Economy Websites for New Authors!

New Indie Authors can get a personal website for less than $75/year,

FREE 24/7 professional tech support!

FREE domain name included

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Do you want a quote?

Remember we convert a manuscript to major reading device formats, FREE!

Your book is your dream!

   Your e-book is a reality because...

          E-Books are here to stay!



SOURCE: Bowker Market Research

   Why e-books are the way to go?

 Paper books are expensive

 Paper book production destroys  the environment

 Paper books take up enormous library space
 Paper books are expensive to replace, if lost or damaged. E-books are found on the Internet, many e-book retails replace them FREE!



              First Time Authors...

First time authors, without a publishing record, have a one in a thousand chance of publishing their book with the first publisher they query1. And, each year fewer publishers exist, and more and more writers appear.  Also, fewer and fewer bookstore shelves exist to sell the thousands of new books made every year!


The Query Letter...an exercise in futility...


New authors query because almost everyone does, the local writing group says to do so, but they do not know the whole truth: thousands of authors (all unknown) wait and wait for a reply from a decreasing smaller pool of publishing houses. They later find most publishers never reply; worse never saw their query. Where do the query letter self-addressed stamped envelopes go? Answer: Because the volume of query letter mail is huge, most everything is trashed. It doesn’t take long for new authors to learn: you need a connection, a name, and a great deal of luck to get through the process; and often authors give away their creations.
~ * ~    
        (*)   TIME TO THE INTERNET...

Some e-book publishers claim they can format and send an e-book to the Internet in less than 72-hours; even boast they can accomplish the task in 7-days...

Llanos Publishing, LLC has formatted and delivered and e-book to the Internet in less than and hour!

The timeline to the Internet depends on many things.

What we don't want:
Authors who send works in progress, and the process lasts weeks.

If you want to be published fast, send us your most professional effort!

Starting 2014, Llanos Publishing, LLC announced a newer e-book publishing requirements for new authors.  Please email us about how they work. Several have been added on our Submissions Page

   (* )  For 24-hour Internet Access:
The Llanos Publishing pledge is based on certain criteria: a manuscript must be finished. No works in progress. Manuscript must follow acceptance guidelines, follow Terms of Service, and meet e-book retailer standards. AND the work must have a Library of Congress certificate.


At Llanos Publish we believe we can be a stepping stone to your dream!

At Llanos Publishing we publish your e-book so you can pursue your publishing goals (hardcover, paperback, audio, screen, play, or international) or simply writing your next book.

We usually have your e-book available to almost a dozen e-book libraries, reach over 50 countries in less than 45-days.

We do it free! (During this time frame: January 1, 2014 to October 9, 2014.)

Please read the Submissions Page for details.

With a reasonable notice, authors can remove their e-books from Llanos Publishing  at any time. We also allow an author to list their title with other distributors. If other publishers don't permit this, ask why!

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Read about it in
The Journalist of the Magdalena

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The Emeralds of Santa Christina
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Wings Over the Amazon
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El Regimiento de la Luisiana
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The Eagles of the Sierra Madre
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The Journalist of the Magdalena
Bookstore-3 (above)


The Search for Authors Goes On...

Llanos Publishing, LLC continues to search for new, unpublished authors, who wish to be published, worldwide in a month or less.

E-Mail us, after reading our Submissions Page.

It's easy...it's quick...and it's FREE!

To be eligible for free formatting, all approved manuscripts must be accepted before October 10, 2014.

 No UP-FRONT MONEY for our serious, established authors!

                        GHOST WRITING

Starting in 2015, LP will accept those wishing to either ghost write or new authors who seek the services of a G.W. for their project. Serious proposals must be submitted by email. Those wishing to write must send a detailed description of their writing experience. The process is very expensive and our experience has shown is very time consuming.


With PayPal, you can pay for products & services at over 100,000 other websites!

Authors must have a PayPal account in order to receive payment from their e-book sales.

This website's security

This website was designed to fit the security standards of Go Daddy.com

This assures our visitors a measure of security.

Llanos Publishing protects its authors and readers!!

Note the
yellow padlock on each page.

Again, all orders are placed through PayPal, with further security measures.


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We are looking forward to their five-month work. 


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Llanos Publishing, LLC Lends Support to the nearby Cities of Buckeye and Goodyear, AZ in their Economic Development Summit Conferences

     Population of the region: 125,000

For more on how Llanos Publishing, LLC works at the community level visit our Archives Pages

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